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Have you ever watched a movie that was so terrible, so make-your-eyeballs-bleed bad that you wondered ‘Why didn’t somebody warn me not to watch this?’ Or you found out after all your friends about an underground cult classic in the making and you thought, ‘Why didn’t I know about this sooner?’


Welcome to BVB: Blood Violence and Babes, your online movie mecca.


Here at BVB, we love movies – all kinds of movies. The good, the awful, the truly bizarre. We particularly love those rare diamonds in the rough that reaffirm our belief in the power of cinema. It might be a gross-out gore-fest from some tiny country where a fledgling director came up with a magnificent reinvention of The Evil Dead. It might be a mind-blowing science-fiction opus that leaves us sputtering in cosmic disbelief. Or it just might be a fun drive-in flick about a bunch of naked, nubile co-eds who have to fend off an unstoppable madman.


Whatever the case, BVB is here to take the viewing bullet for you and let you know whether it’s worth you investing 90 minutes or more of your life to watch the entire thing.


Each week, you will find a roundup of the latest New Releases with several of our favorites chosen for a longer review. These are the films we think you should definitely out or the ones we would recommend you absolutely avoid.


Sometimes, we get to talk to the people who make our favorite movies, either the director, the stars or the writers. Those interviews can be found in our aptly-named section, A Conversation With.


So pull up your couch, pop some corn, crack open a beer and stay awhile. Somewhere, right now, there’s a movie playing that just might change your life. And BVB hopes to be your source for finding out all about it.

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