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'We Are Still Here' Director Readies Follow-Up Thriller

Horror fans know all too well how deep and depressing the drought can be between genuinely great new films.

Just about every month, news on an upcoming, buzz-worthy horror movie arrives to send social media into a frenzy. Too often, those films flicker and fade faster than the second-to-last final girl in a slasher sequel.

But this is different. This has potential. The news this week is that the creative team behind 2015's stellar haunted house feature "We Are Still Here" have rejoined forces to create something that sounds, at least on paper, wholly original and unique.

Dark Sky Films and Snowfort Pictures are once again working with writer-director Ted Geoghegan (pictured) on his follow-up feature titled Mohawk, a supernatural period mashup pitting a young Native American woman against an encroaching U.S. cavalry seeking vengeance.

What worked so well in "We Are Still Here" is that Geoghegan flawlessly manipulated every genre cliche to deliver a ghost story with solid character development and genuine scares. BVB: Blood Violence and Babes is thrilled to read that he hasn't lost sight of what set his last film apart from other, weaker supernatural releases.

"Mohawk is hard-hitting action-horror that subverts traditional genre tropes while delivering a timeless tale of good versus evil," Geoghegan explained in a press release this week. "We look to deliver a horrifying home invasion film where the home is North America itself."

Color me wildly excited.

Mohawk is set to star Kaniehtiio Horn, Jon Huber, Justin Rain, Noah Segan, Ian Colleti, Robert Longstreet, Sheri Foster and Ezra Buzzington.

Principal photography began June 7, 2016. Stay tuned to BVB: Blood Violence and Babes for more information, including a release date, as soon as it's announced.

Photo Credit: Sapkar Public Relations

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