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The Tall Man Lives On: Remastered "Phantasm" Collection Coming from Well Go USA

Any fan of genre cinema, particularly horror, will point to Don Coscarelli's 1979 chiller Phantasm as an early introduction to the power of terror, and also attest to the film's lasting legacy as a genuine cult classic.

Well Go USA Entertainment announced Thursday that it is delivering something truly remarkable in the coming months, after acquiring the North American rights to Coscarelli's franchise.

Well Go USA plans to release the brand-new 4K restoration of Phantasm: Remastered, which was overseen by visionary filmmaker and longtime fan J.J. Abrams, as well as previously unavailable high-definition restorations for 1994's Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead and 1998's Phantasm IV: Oblivion.

In addition, the company will release the final, concluding chapter of the franchise, Phantasm: Ravager.

As if that wasn't enough, Well GO USA is prepping a Blu-Ray and DVD Collector's Edition boxset of the entire franchise, minus 1988's Phantasm II, for release later this year.

Dylan Marchetti, Senior Vice President of Well Go USA, in a July 28 press release, said it was a dream deal to work with Coscarelli on the films.

“The Phantasm films are iconic, and Well Go is ecstatic to have them," he said. "We get to bring a classic to a whole new audience with Phantasm: Remastered, and with Phantasm: Ravager we get to bring the die-hard fans - of which I am one - the closure they’ve been waiting for.”

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